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Commercial Construction

Westport Pools has experience in all types of commercial aquatic construction. We have built facilities that range from hotel and apartment complex pools to municipal waterparks and NCAA sanctioned competition venues. Westport Pools has been named an approved aquatic construction firm by the leading aquatic designers in the United States. This approval has been earned through quality construction including timeliness, cost control and attention to the details. Westport Pools has completed projects using all forms of construction delivery processes. We are comfortable in a competitive bid environment.

We also encourage prospective clients to evaluate the design build process for their project.

What Is The Design Build Process?

Design build is a construction process utilizing contractor and engineer/designer working side by side with the owner to design a project within a set budget established by the owner. Once the design is completed, the contractor then builds the project at the budgeted cost.

What Is The Benefit Of Design Build For The Client?

The client establishes the budget and the design/build team creates a project that fits within that budget. An ongoing dialogue is maintained throughout the design process between the design build team and the client thus assuring maximum client input and a project that meets the desired goals of the client. The chosen design build firm shares the cost elements with the client throughout the entire design development phase.

How Does The Cost Of Design Build Compare To Traditional Construction Methods?

Using value engineering throughout the design build process and not just when the bid comes in too high, the client receives dollar for dollar cost savings on any necessary reductions in scope or amenities. Additionally, the design build process streamlines the time needed to complete the project by eliminating the need to get bids for construction after design is done. In some cases, some preliminary site work can be completed simultaneously with the design process, again saving considerable time.

How Does A Client Select A Design Build Firm?

Requests for Proposals are developed and sent out to prospective firms. The selection is based on qualifications and experience. It is not a fee based bid but rather the client gets to find the best match for its project through qualifications and experience.

When Is Design Build The Most Appropriate Method For Construction?

Renovations of existing facilities as well as new construction lend themselves very well to the design build process. Building upon or repairing the existing structures with new features is a great way to enhance the aquatic experience. Not only do the users receive new services but attendance increases dramatically once the facility is opened. We have had clients who have experienced a 30% increase in attendance from one season to the next. These attendance increases result in additional revenue to offset operating costs.

Usually, these projects begin construction at the close of one pool season and must be completed prior to the start of the next. The design build process can save up to six weeks on the project schedule.

Why Choose Westport Pools For A Design Build Project?

Experience, experience, experience! There is no other firm out there that has the aquatic facility construction experience necessary coupled with over 40 years of managing all types of aquatic facilities. We know what works and what doesn't. You will not find another aquatic company that has built the number of new waterparks that we have built in the past 10 years nor will you find a company that includes management resources like ours on the design team. We have more experience working with commercial clients of all types on all levels than anyone. We know our clients and we know aquatics!

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Staenberg Family Complex Outdoor Aquatic Center - Creve Coeur, MO

"I cannot speak more highly of Westport and the work they did for us at the new Jewish Community Center in St. Louis. We would love to have you visit our J as it's the number one J (if I do say so myself) especially for aquatics in the entire U.S. Couldn't give a higher recommendation to Jim Bastian and the entire Westport team."

Michael Staenberg
Chairman - Board of Directors
St. Louis Jewish Community Center

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