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Residential Swimming Pool
Construction Process

Detailed below are the major tasks involved in building your pool:


Our trained crews will paint the layout of your pool on the ground according to the design and plans that you have approved and are part of your contract. Upon completion of the layout we will obtain your approval prior to any digging. Included in this approval will be the location of the filter pad.

Digging The Pool

Once the layout approval has been received, we will then bring in equipment to dig the pool and deck. Construction access shall be agreed upon prior to our digging. Staging area for material, equipment and supplies shall be mutually agreed upon.

Pool Construction

We use the shotcrete method of concrete construction. Shotcrete is concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto the surface. A major advantage to this method is that the shotcrete undergoes placement and compaction at the same time due to the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. Additionally, it can be impacted onto any type or shape or design.

This method of construction allows for greater creativity in design as well as enhanced stability and structural integrity. This method of shooting the concrete onto the forms allows for creativity in design as well as enhanced stability and structural integrity.

Please feel free to ask us questions during the process. We will be glad to explain to you why we do the things we do during construction and how our methods benefit you.

Filling The Pool

Once construction is completed, the moment has arrived to fill the pool and get it ready for your use. For obvious safety reasons, under no circumstances will we fill a pool until the fence and gate(s) have been installed.


Westport Pools will schedule and conduct a thorough training session with the owner at a mutually agreed upon time and within 10 days after the final inspection. We will also take this opportunity to provide you with information on our service department.

Pool Construction Methods

We have developed construction methods for inground concrete swimming pools based on our years of experience as both a residential and commercial swimming pool contractor. We design and build swimming pools that exceed current health and building codes. Many of our enhancements are designed to either save money in the long run or prevent costly repairs that may occur in the future.

There are certain components of pool construction that we will never subcontract out to others. The pool shell and the plumbing are the most important parts of the project and we insist on maintaining control and having our highly trained workers do this work.

Residential Swimming Pools

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"I just finished building a new home and the pool construction was the one part of the entire project that went very well. From start to finish Westport Pools was first class!"

"We are ecstatic with our new pool! Obviously we will recommend Westport Pools to all our friends!"

"All the people that worked on the pool were courteous and professional."

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