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Westport Pools recently hosted two lunch and learn seminars regarding the use of sphagnum moss in pools and spas. Over 30 aquatic professionals in the St. Louis and Columbia area attended the sessions. The sessions featured Dr. David Knighton of Creative Water Solutions presenting the uses and benefits of sphagnum moss in commercial aquatic facilities. This product has produced excellent results in residential applications as well. Additional case histories can be found at the Clear Water Solutions website including the use of the moss by the University of Maryland!

The use of sphagnum moss in swimming pools was also the subject of an article in a recent edition of the Ladue News. As the article states:

“To translate this natural defense to swimming pools, the moss is harvested, dried, cleaned and packaged in tea bag-like pouches that can be dropped in a chamber attached to the pool’s circulation system. “All the water in the pool comes in contact with the moss, and the moss takes out all the nasty things that people bring into the pool,” Wayne George, Westport Pools Co-Owner says. He explains this ‘inhibition of organic matter,’ as it’s technically known: “If you could put pool water under a microscope, you’d see a layer of this body oil and perspiration floating on top, and that is where the bacteria reside. Normally, we raise the chlorine levels to keep the pool clean. But the moss gets rid of all of that film, leaving the bacteria naked and exposed, so that it takes less chlorine.”

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