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Renovations and Rehabilitation Projects

Prior to the beginning of the design phase of the renovations for any aquatic facility, a number of issues, questions, and objectives must be explored, answered and defined. This is a crucial phase of the project as the results of this phase will guide the design and ultimately what is built for the users.

Swimming Pool Audit

First and foremost is the determination of if an audit of the existing swimming pool is necessary. If so, Westport Pools has developed an audit process that can be customized for every pool. The following issues are addressed and cost implications are provided:

  • Assessment of the existing conditions related to compliance with current health code requirements and standards of care.
  • Examination of the structural components of swimming pool shell
  • Identify any negative conditions regarding the pool deck and make recommendations for repair.
  • Assessment of all chemical control, storage and delivery systems for effectiveness and compliance with health and safety requirements.

Westport Pools will provide recommendations for the existing facility in the following categories:

  • Urgent
    The philosophy behind these "Urgent" recommendations relates to immediate public safety concerns.
  • Major Repairs for Existing Facility
    These tasks are designed to correct existing deficiencies due to the age of the facility. Completion of these tasks will also bring the facility into compliance with existing national standards.
  • Maintenance, Operational, and Enhancement Recommendations
    Where appropriate, Westport Pools will provide client with specific maintenance procedures to extend the life cycle of physical assets deemed to be in serviceable condition. We will also make recommendations on new features that can be added to increase attendance and excitement.

Teamsters Camp Before & After Renovation

Major Renovation Considerations

Florissant, MO Bangert Park Before & After

Location and Construction Considerations

Spatial relationship of aquatics to other facilities, neighbors, etc. Is there enough area available for construction both now and for future expansion or renovation? Will the support facilities such as changing rooms, storage space, office space, equipment rooms, be adequate after renovation?

User Groups

Define major user groups and evaluate their importance and value to the organization. What impact (amount of pool time, resources devoted to their needs) do these groups have now? Is this level of impact equitable and reasonable? Are those groups being adequately served now? If not, what is needed to reach the desired service level? What user groups do you want to attract who you are not attracting now?

Financial Issues

What are the financial goals of the agency/division and how do the financial goals of the aquatic facility mesh with those goals?


Evaluate current aquatic program on basis of need, numbers served, financial return, user groups served. Are there any noticeable trends either positive or negative with the current aquatic program? What are the current trends in aquatic programming? What facilities are needed to take advantage of those trends? What staffing expertise will be needed and is that expertise readily available?

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