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Would You Like To Sign Up For A Weekly Summer Service Program?

Silver Service.... $46.00 per visit*
Chemical check for your pool and/or spa includes:
  • Test chemicals & adjust as needed*
  • Adjust/fill chlorinator and/or salt generator*
  • Clean strainer baskets
  • Clean screen and empty pool cleaner
  • Check filtration shystem and note any problems.
Gold Service.... $70.00 per visit*
Full cleaning service for your pool includes:
  • Test chemicals & adjust as needed*
  • Adjust/fill chlorinator and/or salt generator*
  • Clean strainer baskets
  • Clean screen and empty pool cleaner
  • Clean all tile surfaces
  • Vacuum pool and skim debris
  • Backwash filters or clean cartridges
  • Check filtration shystem and note any problems.
Platinum Service.... $80.00 per visit*
Includes all of the services detailed in the Gold Service for your pool and spa, waterfall, fountains, etc.
Enjoy the peace of mind of your service technician coming not once, but twice per week to care for your swimming pool and/or spa! We are now offering service twice** per week with a 15% discount per visit! Please check the box below if you are interested in "twice-weekly" pool service. Service days will be scheduled at the discretion of the scheduling department.
Twice-Weekly Service...... 15% Discount per visit*
Note: All weekly service will be automatically billed to your credit card. If we do not have your credit card information, please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Our weekly services are scheduled geographically. We will make every attempt to accommodate special requests, but the service day will be scheduled at the sole discretion of our scheduling/dispatch department.

*Chemicals will be invoiced separately.

Fuel surcharges may apply.

**Services will be provided once (or twice) weekly and will be billed at the end of each month. Payment is due by the 15th of the following month. Accounts that reach 30 days past due will result in weekly service being suspended until payment is received.

Please keep in mind those circumstances beyond our control, (i.e. storms, spring pollen, fall leaves, power outages, etc.) could result in additional visits to maintain the pool/spa or to restore the proper water condition, and will be billed accordingly.

Routine maintenance repairs under $50.00 (approx) will be done during the weekly/twice-weekly visits, if possible and billed on the weekly service invoice. If a repair over $50.00 (approx) is needed, we will obtain approval from the customer. Some additional parts & labor for repairs will result in additional labor charges billed at $108 per hour and will be invoiced separately.

If additional repairs are needed, it is very important that we are able to reach our customers. Please make sure that we have updated information in our files, i.e. cell phone numbers, email address, etc. Please let us know your preferred form of communication.

If your service day falls on a holiday or the service cannot be completed because of inclement weather, the service will be performed 1-3 days before or after the normal service day. We will always attempt to complete the scheduled service in a timely and efficient manner.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the proper water level in the pool and/or spa. If the water level is low, a door hanger will be left advising the customer to add water. The equipment may need to be left off, because failure to maintain proper water level can result in damage to your pool and/or spa equipment. It is our policy not to leave a water source running at a residence without the homeowner's presence.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to assure that all gates are operating properly. The service technician assumes no responsibility for maintaining fencing or gates at the customer's property. We will inform the homeowner of any safety issues observed.

This agreement can be canceled at any time, in writing, by either party. Please allow 7 days for the change to become effective.

Please Note: Service rates are based on your backyard swimming pool/spa being located within a 40-mile radius from our office. Customers outside the 40-mile service area will be subject to a $30.00 trip charge.

I hereby authorize Westport Pools, Inc. to perform weekly service on my swimming pool and/or spa as indicated on page 1 of this agreement. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions as stated above.

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