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The Westport Difference

Making the decision to install a concrete swimming pool is a major decision and one that represents a significant investment. When it comes time to select a company to build your pool there are a number of factors that need to be considered. The swimming pool contractor should listen to you and design a pool that reflects you and your family. After all, if you are making this size of investment don't you deserve something that is uniquely yours?

Westport Pools began as a pool management company and brings over 40 years of experience operating pools into the design and construction of swimming pools.

We have built the majority of commercial swimming pools in the St. Louis area and that experience keeps us on the cutting edge of aquatic technology.

We have built literally hundreds of concrete residential pools.

Our service department employs full time pool technicians, year round, trained in all aspects of pool operation.

Our design and construction process differs from other companies and is tailored to make each pool unique to the customer.

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